Special Authorizations

In addition to diagonstic services, we can provide evaluations for Short Term Disability, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and written documentation for Emotional Support Animals

Occupational relief

Our special authorizations include evaluations to assess, diagnose, and write the letter of recommendation or outcome.  Information gathering for children and adolescents includes parent and family health, school performance, and psychiatric histories.

Timing is important

When under stress, it can be challenging to meet critical deadlines, including when to apply for a leave of absence and receive financial relief assitance.  To meet state, school and work deadlines, you will need a month lead-time before your due date.  One month lead time will allow our practitioners to meet with you for the initial evaluation, provide written documentation along with the required authorization forms.  For existing patients, please request at least 1 – 2 weeks before the due date.

Emotional Support Letters of Recommendation

You know your pet is the best. You wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. And you can take that feeling with you, even when you leave the house. 

If you’re suffering from mental health challenges and want to get your pet into the outside world, you may need an emotional support animal letter. An ESA letter is a document that certifies that your pet provides therapeutic benefits to you that help with your mental health needs, including panic attacks or fear. In addition to reducing symptoms of PTSD, pets can also alert their owners to seizures before they happen. This is especially relevant for people who suffer from epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

Our service can help you obtain the medical documentation needed to get your pet approved by airlines, hotels, and other establishments. We help you:

-Get a medical evaluation from one of our qualified medical practitioners.

-Obtain a letter from our provider stating that they have evaluated your pet and determined it can provide stress relief and/or alert others of seizures or panic attacks.


Psychiatric disability, or mental illness, describes a wide range of mental and emotional conditions. A psychiatric disability is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as "A mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of an individual; a record of impairment; or being regarded as having such an impairment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations define it as “A mental impairment to include any mental or psychological disorder, such as an emotional or mental illness." For more information, please visit the National Disabilities Website.

The appointment and the letter required to document your pet serves a specific purpose related to your mental or emotional disability. If you meet the criteria to recognize your pet as an ESA officially, then a letter of recommendation can be written and provided.

Important note: In 2020, Governor DeSantis passed a bill ensuring health care practitioners provide supporting information for emotional support animals. We cannot provide a letter of recommendation without personal knowledge and documentation of our patient’s disability or disability-related needs fulfilled by the support animal.