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The Mental Health Management Group offers compassionate and competent treatment for mental health, emotional and behavioral conditions. Psychiatric medical evaluation, treatment plans, FDA-approved medication management, and therapies with successful outcomes for adults, adolescents, children, and families.

Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling and Medication Management.

Modern Psychiatry for Mental Wellness

For over 25+ years, Dr. Troy P. Noonan, MD, Psychiatrist, has improved the lives of adults, children, and families in the Tampa Bay Community. Providing contemporary psychiatric care to meet the diverse needs of patients resulted in expanding our practice, improving appointment availability, and providing lower price options, emphasizing Dr. Noonan’s burgeoning team of certified medical psychiatry practitioners. Today, more people seek help to improve their mental well-being and support family members diagnosed with emotional, behavioral, and mental illness. It is essential to our practice to take a modernized and tailored approach that honors the needs of individual clients.

The team, now referred to as Mental Health Management Group (MHM Group), offers personalized care and expertise with deep knowledge in medical psychiatry. MHM Group provides mental health screening, consultation, evaluation, diagnosis, medication management, talk therapy, and FDA-approved treatments.

TMS of Central Florida is located within the MHM Group building. In health-focused FDA-approved non-medicinal treatments for depression, Dr. Noonan partnered with Dr. Charles Devine MD providing Neurostar TMS therapy. While the patient is awake and alert, magnetic therapy, like an MRI without the enclosure or sedation, stimulates areas of the brain underactive in depression. Patients treated with NeuroStar* TMS Therapy also experienced significant improvement in anxiety and physical symptoms (such as appetite changes, aches and pains, and lack of energy) associated with depression. Schedule a consultation with TMS of Central Florida to see if TMS is right for you. To learn about TMS therapy, read How Modern Drs are Treating depression

Therapy & Counseling

Working with a Mental Health Management Group therapist can be “life-changing.” You learn to understand yourself, build better relationships, improve communications, heal, and free yourself of painful events while developing a personalized plan to push forward. We specialize in working with people just like you.

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